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Can i buy things? How can i support you?

UPD: we continued sending parcels.

Post from 2nd March 2022:

Due political situation, we have to wait on sending new orders. Sanctions are super hard.

[UPDATE 23 March: PayPal completely blocked. Testing waters with other payment systems. Stay tuned] 

Borders are closed. Flights are cancelled. Boeing and Aurbuses will not provide parts and planes to Russia anymore. Economics crushing. PayPal blocked getting out funds to Russian bank cards. Many Russian banks were restricted of usage of SWIFT. No more new arrivals due closed borders from Japan.  

MySubie is international business. Due the closing all of that stuff we have to say that we are offically getting a pause in our business. We do not closing everything. I believe, we will find a way to continue the business as soon as political situation will be stabilised.

Thank you all for understanding and thank you for your support.

All new orders will be sent as soon as possible, when new ways of getting payments be discovered.

You can consider your parts orders as a momentary donation to Sibby and his family with post-getting your parts (As soon as possible).




PayPal payments are completely blocked. We are in a search of new payment systems.