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Our re-leathering craftsman has died in the war.

We are sorry to share this news with you, but this is truth. Our re-leathering bro were killed in the war.

Boris Grachev - Sibby's family member, who did all the perfectly refinished wheels left us from this world.
As you might know, in Russia, there was a mobilization of the men who served in the Army. He were drafted... He received a paper "For physical trainings" 2 days before the actual law and announcement of mobilization. If he wouldn't go, then it's 10 years of jail. He was deceived by govts, but its long long story...
He was ultra talanted. He was kind. He was bright person.
I already told everyone, that the war is just a big player's game and the most cruel and harsh thing is that simple people are expendable in their games.

Love your families subie fella's. Don't play their games.
Any kind of support welcomed. Kind thought, good word, money.
Rest in piece brother...