Folded shipping method!

Yes we fold bumpers!
Example of shipping of 2 bumpers in one parcel. (Front spec b rev.d, rear jdm+lip)
These particular bumpers on car, unfolded, painted and installed.

Why folded way?

1) Shipping price.
You save 600-800usd on shipping.
Due size limitations shipping companies charges too much for full-size shipping, so it's really cost-efficient. Shipping takes much less than 800usd+ like from some Japanese auctions.

2) It's more safe. 
No cracks or damages. PP plastic bumpers are really flexible!
Folding method is not the best looking one, but it even safer than non folded, because bumpers / lips are inside smaller cardboard box. So there are less chance that some delivery worker would bend something!
Folded method works just fine. After receiving you just need some heatgun or really warm weather and to hold the bumper in genuine position.

3) We are experienced.
We've shipped tons of bumpers already. And our customers are happy with results!
JDM bumpers for the win!
JDM sports bumper sold to @devin_reitz
Folded, packed, shipped
Quickly unfolded and installed!
Prepped, painted!

One more example, with video.
Spec b Rev D bumper sent to Boramy
And here's video review of unfolding process. (Also modding this bumper to Rev A-C)

Some feedback from @claysleggy :

Thank you for your trust and supporting MySubie!

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