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Shipping paused due the political situation.

War is disgusting.

Political games are dirty.

This article written by Sibby.

As you all know, at the moment, there is armed conflict on Ukranian Territory. Bombs are falling on city streets and a lot of families got destroyed and killed. Whole cities are burnt. Doesn't matter who's bombs, only matters that this scary things are actually happening, sons and daughters getting killed. We cannot take their lives back. Doesn't matter what side, what country, what people. Disgusting things, war happening in neighbour Ukraine ~400 miles from my motherland city Moscow.

I love my motherland, I love kind and soulish people, they have experienced a lot of hard times. Post Soviet people all having cultural great sadness inside. Lot's of elder Russians still love soviet times, because they were young and happy back in the days. It doesn't matter for them that they had no economic potential, kind of no self-respect in daily routine, low quality life. Doesn't matter that Stalin killed thousands of disagreed ones. They never seen how it could be, due Iron Curtain and strong propaganda. Things, that post-soviet people experienced... But i really believe, all people on whole globe has the same nature. The only difference is cultural experience, life experience. That's why kid born in 2002 in United States for example... 20y.o. man with Internet and computers, wouldn't understand old man born in USSR in 1965... Different life experience, different cultural propaganda, different life difficulties. 

Historical, economical and geographical particular qualities of Russia makes a lot of Russians really brutal to the world. Really harsh. Really closed to something new. IF YOU WANT TO BE ALIVE - BE A WOLF. Do brutal shit, act harsh and straight. You can even see it on faces walking on street. That's how harsh Russian reality teaches people. And some part of 145~ millions are really adopted to the world and life this way. Economically limited to high quality stuff / traveling / experiences and even the information. Psychologically limited due economical situation for new experience, changes, for traveling etc. Politically grown in cold war and feeling constant xenophobia.  This information will help you understand, why stuff like "yes, i support war" happening.

I just want to let you know, all of you guys, there are not bad or cruel nations. But there might be brainwashed masses. Most of people are brainwashed in whole globe by politicians and IDEAS. They want us to take flag and be proud of country, and go to wars. They want to divide people on OUR HOMELAND PLANET EARTH, while they get rich and destroying our fragile Earth.

Just because a small percent of people rule countries and goverments and do what they do, that doesn't mean that we all want what they do want. But in some countries you still can protest, in some you can't.

Huge capitals need of war. Who make and sells guns? Who sell rockets and tanks? They need a market.

We are against war. We do not want unhappy families. We do not want killed sons.

Dear Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) always tried to tell us about it.

There is no right and not right sides. They all are dirty as hell.

I wish you all guys to think your head first and do not be a part of their hybrid wars.
Their info wars as well. Don't be silent though. Help those who needs help. (Civilians, not army)

This is old ass influencing scheme, that they use for political games as well, not just for marketing.
Years are changed, companies are changed, but the essence remains the same.

Protect your family first. Take care of your health and be kind for your family. Take a long conversations with your family first. Spend more time with parents and try to understand them. This will give you power, if you would understand them. You will never earn all the money of the world. Your family is your game. Not theirs. If you die in their war, first of all, your mother will cry, remember that. If you will watch a lot of videos about politics, you will not spend this particular time on your wife, mother or father or child. Do what you can do if it has a real reason and if it's not risky to health of your family. 

Russians cannot protest against war. You cannot understand why. We have enough people in jails for nothing. We have enough ruined families. 

Help them who needs help as you can. Time will heal.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, MySubie and #partswithlove will be alive.

Love you all.