HOW TO: Install GD steering rack into 2nd GEN legacy!

Hero of the article: Jacob Mattson @rhdsubi

There are tons of different combinations you can use for this but this is what I used and what worked for me.

Feel free to share this if anyone asks how to do this in the future!

What you’ll need:

  • GD steering rack. I used a V9 STI spec C rack PN: 34110FE550 (there are a handful available on eBay right now). Any GD rack should work though. Make sure you are buying the correct steering rack for RHD and LHD applications!!
  • Power steering pump/bracket/reservoir. I used a GD power steering pump/bracket/reservoir (I’ve also seen people use 90s Impreza units with the reservoir on top of the pump)
  • L&E Fabrication GC to GD Steering Column Link ( http://www.landefabrication.com/parts.html )
  • Power steering lines. I started with STI lines but ended up using the oem lines after reworking the tubes to fit. (Looks a bit more clean)
  • New steering rack bushings. 02-04 take one style and 05-07 take a different style.
  • If you use 05-07 Rack you will need 2 longer mounting bolts. M10-1.25 x 50mm
  • ATF or Power steering fluid
  • No subframe/cross member is needed! The oem legacy one will fit the GD rack.

Alright let's get started!

1) Remove all power steering components. Pump/bracket/reservoir, lines, rack, and steering column link

2) Install power steering pump/bracket as well as the reservoir

3) Install adapter steering link onto the steering column

4) Install GD steering rack. If your using the 05-07 rack use the longer bolts on the racks provided mounting holes. (Be sure the steering wheel is straight and steering rack is centered

before connecting the rack to the column link.)

5) Remove the tie rod ends from the old steering rack counting the rotations as you remove them. Install the end links on the GDB steering rack with the same number of turns (this will get you close enough to get you to an alignment shop)

6) Route the power steering lines from the pump/reservoir to the steering rack

7) Bleed the system and your done! It’s that easy!

I would highly recommend upgrading your steering rack it make a huge difference!

Author of the article: Jacob Mattson @rhdsubi

Editor: Sibby