How to unstall and wire up JDM ignition ring

Interior WIRING

HOW TO: Install key light ring for “OEM” functionality!!

I FINALLY was able to finish this up! It’s a little more bulky and involved then I had first anticipated but in the end it works


Im sure there are other ways to do it but this worked just fine for me.

What you’ll need:
-BG/BD key light ring
-Beuler BU509TD delay off timed relay
-2 relay connector pigtails
-Electric/fabric harness Tape
-Small zip-ties

1) Remove lower dash panel and lower steering column cover. On the backside of the lower column cover around the key cylinder hole you’ll see a raised section.

2) Use a Dremel and ONLY cut away the raised section. (Even if the raised section is larger on one side then the other, like mine, only Dremel away the raised areas) Doing this will give you that perfect fitment! J

3) Now for marking the “controller”. (This is the part that I had to change up from how I initially was going to do it. I had to use a second relay because the time delay relay needs a power switch trigger and can’t use a ground switch trigger, aka the door switch. This isn’t important information but I wanted to add it for the people who were wondering why I used 2 relays). Wire the relays together how I have depicted in the diagram photo and nettley tap everything together (Connect the 3 12v wires together into one 12v wire Red). If all that is done correctly you will be left with a 12v input always hot(Red), ground door switch(Black), 12v going to key light ring(Blue), and ground (I routed mine to the top with a ring terminal to ground when I mount the relays) These are the colors I used. You can use whatever colors you want.

4) Remove fuse cover, driver kicker panel/door sill plate, and driver side lower inside B pillar cover in between doors.

5) Tap into door switch wire behind lower B pillar cover and run the wire with the factory wiring harness under door sill plastics. Continue routing, using small zip-ties, with harness until cleanly routed under dash

6) Tap into an always hot 12v circuit. This can be done with an add-a-fuse. Route the door switch ground wire and power wire up toward the top of the pedal assembly.

7) Install key light ring and route wires down the column with all the other factory wiring. Route these wires toward the top of the pedal assembly as well. Wires my need to be extended for this. One wire will be connected to the Blue wire from the “controller” the other will be grounded (I used a ring terminal to ground when I mount the relays)

8) Connecting wires to the “controller” plug the 12v hot to the Red wire, the ground door switch to the Black wire, one of the key light ring to the Blue wire, and mount the relays and 2 ground ring terminals to the stud coming down from above the pedal assemble(between the accelerator and brake pedals) under the dash.

9) Everything should be fully functioning at this point and you can use a small flathead screwdriver in the top of the timer relay to adjust the delay off time of the key light ring. You can set the delay off time from 2 Sec- 3 Min. (I chose to stick with the factory time of 10 Sec.)

10) Once you have set your time delay where you want reinstall all the plastics.

Well worth the time and effort to make this function “properly”. Let me know if you have any questions or anything.

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Jacob Mattson is the author of this info. Originally posted in 2GLE Facebook group.